Thursday, April 2, 2009

March Madness to April Fools

So I began to pack up my apartment and figure out the logistics of getting to Denver. I gave away over 8 bags worth of clothing etc. to the free box. I felt like I was the Salvation Army and maybe a Soup Kitchen all in one with all of the stuff I gave to people. Now I am pretty set to leave. We have an employee party tonight at the Cantina and a few more days of work. It has been super dead at the restaurant and I LIKE IT!
It got SO friggin' cold and has been snowing like crazy. Go figure. Just when we had given into the reality of Spring...I am grateful for a few more powder days!
I am flying home on the 7th and head to Washington D.C. on the 21st of April. We fly to Panama the following morning! I am very excited. I am too distracted to finish this blog right now. I will write more when I finish my Bloody Mary and stop socializing with my friends. hahaha.Tough life I know.

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