Monday, March 9, 2009

Crested Butte

Beaufield, her best friend Amber from Nebraska and I rented a car last week and left town. We went to Crested Butte to visit Beau's friend Clint. We skied and hung out for 4 days. It was great. We also took some great pictures but left the camera at the Karaoke has yet to be found. Oh well.
It is currently the beginning of Spring Break month here. Hopefully town will get busy and we can all make money before we peace out!
We got some snow the other day -- Thank goodness!
Let's see, what else is going on?
I learned how to snowboard and love it.
I have been trying to be really good about my knee so skiing is on the back burner for this season.
I want sushi something fierce.
I also want Pizza Hut.
I miss my family and friends.
I also miss civilization outside of this box canyon.
I would do this again for another season -- Panama seems more appealing right now.
I have the itch for NYC, BAD.
...and a Philly cheese steak.
My hat obsession has become an increasing problem here.
I still dread having to shower or fix myself for work.
I want a pet again, preferably an english bulldog.
I need to take my GMATS when I get home but probably won't because I am not prepared.
Grad school is going to be pushed back another year (This is something I have recently discovered due to Peace Corps).
I have a list of schools based on different priorities I have been compiling. Currently location is top of the list, not academic excellence. Clearly I need more time to consider my options.
I decided I am going to take my time before applying to any programs. And by taking my time I am referring to my 27 months in Panama.
Somehow I have managed to be called a boy in a small ski town where most girls are tomboys by normal standards. How does that happen? I find being a ski bum has enabled my boy-like qualities to take over yet again. Beau says that I am a black man stuck in a white woman's body. I can't really argue that...I get ESPN updates on my cell phone and eat like it's my job.
That might be all I have right now...
Most of my friends are either close to marriage or in a serious relationship. I find it difficult to think about being in a relationship at all. In fact it almost scares me. haha. I figure it will work out when it is meant to, hopefully when I least expect it!

Ok, that is all for now.


Anonymous said...

I have the NYC itch too, and I'm here! I also want pizza hut and a philly cheese steak. Our stomachs think alike! Miss you, Gretch!

Xaris said...

I really want a pet too...and english bulldog is my favorite breed.

Kari said...

I have the itch get the hell out of this godforsaken city (not til you come back, of course).