Monday, April 20, 2009


So, I suck at blogging. We all know this...GET OFF MY BACK YO.
I got home from Telluride and promptly started enjoying the company of friends and family, family friends and friends of the family. Awesome times. Really.
Went to Philly to see Timbo. DUH.
Went to New York to see my homies. DUH.
Easter weekend we got to chill with old friends from home and of course have an Easter Egg Hunt at Mommom's. Super Duper. (I won of course...we all know Tim is the weakest link)
Karimah joined us for the oh so special holiday. She joined us for the egg finding competition. I would also like to add that Tim CHEATED by hiding my egg under a pile of DIRT AND STICKS!!!! And his response when caught - if you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin'. Super duper. Clearly he was raised right (way to go mom!)
Time flew by and before I knew it Tim and I were "road trippin" to see our beloved Daner Lynn. In only God knows where VA. Her friends were awesome and we had a fabulous time. We held hands, made camp fires and became blood siblings....well ok, it wasn't freakin' summer camp. We played "pong", watched Dana hit some balls, ate fried pickles and saw a waterfall.
On our way back we got stuck in traffic, Tim lost his mind and our friendship ended. We are now only siblings. Mom was upset but figures with me leaving for 2 years we might have a shot at fixing things one day. We always get along better when I am out of the picture anyhow. Tim really thrives with one-sided relationships.
Ok, ok clearly a lot of that paragraph is a fierce exaggeration. The traffic wasn't THAT bad.
I went BACK to NYC that night. Yeah, that's right...THAT NIGHT. Because I do what I want. I got to see lots of people. We made lots of memories. And I left Sunday morning.
Sunday afternoon I went to Philly with Uncle George...we went to an awesome concert. Handel, Bach, Bloch and Telemann -- the Kimmel Center is pretty ridiculous. Cool. We then went to dinner with Aunt Kimba.
As I arrived home, Kate Stokes and DC arrived!!! They stopped along the way, as they are "road trippin" as well. It was awesome to see someone from Telluride...on the East Coast!
I leave tomorrow morning for Staging in D.C. and fly out the next morning for Pananamanamanamama. I AM SO EXCITED. For the record, I have lost my mind. COMPLETELY.

Love you all. Peace OUT.

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