Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 2

We are currently in La Ciudad deSaber. We are on the Pacific side of the Panama Canal and can see it from where we are staying this week. Orientation goes until the 27th and then we move on to Santa Clara for training. Training lasts until mid- July.
So far I have been viciously attacked by every mosquito in the vicinity. I suppose that is their way of welcoming me! haha. I am staying with 5 other girls from the group (there are 47 of us). They are all very sweet and fun. We have meetings all week but it should be good and hopefully give us a chance to get to know everyone. Staging was so short and traveling so long yesterday that we really still do not know each other -- I definitely have yet to meet everyone.
There are many more forms for this program versus Georgia. This is a good and bad thing. haha. My spanish is LACKING. But it will come back, I am not too worried. However, there are many people here on top of their game. I am happy so many people speak it well because it will make it better for me to re-learn.
We all have to take Malaria pills and I am pretty scared to have nightmares. It will be fine, I just hope I don't have a negative reaction to the pills.
Ok off to our meetings. Adios!

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Tim said...

Hey GiGi: Everything will be OK as long as the Russians don't invade Panama.....LOL.....keep up the godd work and we are all sooooo proud of you.

Love Dad