Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Day in the Life of Bert (and Lincoln)

 Bert harassing a sleeping Cait.
 No dice, Cait was passed out. So he moved on to a new victim...
 Lincoln is sunbathing and just wants to cuddle...
 Bert, bored of cuddling starts to give in to his annoying urges...
 Lincoln refuses to give in to his petulant behavior and tries to enjoy what is left of the sunny day...
 Bert can't handle not being notices, so he attacks his EARS!
 To no avail, Lincoln is just too tired to fight back...
 Bert decides to play nice and spend some quality sunbathing time with his older brother.
 But eventually the paws start to sneak their way back to Lincoln...Bert can't help it!
 It is you know where your kids are?
 Sure, mine is CLIMBING up the screen window because I won't play with him while I study...
Finally it is bed time and he waits in the entrance to my bedroom for quality cuddle time with his mama.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Life since October.

These pictures range from Cait and Alan's fabulous visit in Mid-October to the Youth Day I had in the Elementary School, November 10th. Caitlin, Alan, Myles, and Gretchen spent time in rural parts of Panama until Myles and I had to go to the All Volunteer Conference for the last three days of their trip. Awesome timing Peace Corps, no really WAY TO GO!
We had an awesome time from getting stuck in the mud on my beach - 5 point bonus goes to Panama's rainy season, to watching my animals beat each other up then fall in love all over again, and finally ending in paradise in an awesome rental beach house where we all felt like celebs!
My youth day was based on morals and values. I had the pleasure of hosting some five awesome friends in my house for what was meant to be a day. The 10th was a Panamanian holiday and I never ended up having any transportation so they were all stuck in my house for an extra night! I forgot how much I love having people around. It was a great mix of people and we had a blast.

I am currently in the States at Cait and Alan's house. What luck, getting to see my Caitface and Alan Salad twice in two months.   It reminds me of college and I can't wait to be back in America with a job again so I can do trips like this more often! I took the GRE, I did well and now will complete my graduate school applications once and for all so I can be stress free while I wait for results. (Yeah find the logic in that! I am going to be a nervous wreck but who cares if I don't get in. I will work anywhere!)  I will be posting a special entry tomorrow with fun pictures of my baby boys tomorrow. For now, let the celebrations begin - I am done with the GRE. YAY!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Love and miss you all. Holla at a player.