Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The truth is...you can't escape it.

My first week in Telluride has gone by rather quickly. I set up my apartment to the best of my ability, became a member of the local library and received my new skis in the mail yesterday. Big Billies apartment building is like college...but better? Only because there are no exams to worry about.
There are so many people to meet everyday and so much to see that I barely sleep in! That is a shocker, I know. We have played lots of games, watched movies and went to see a live Bluegrass show in town the other night. There was a corn hole competition the other day. Amanda and I signed up but I was feeling under the weather so I asked a nice fellow to take my place. And I watched football all day instead. The Packers gave the Bears a pretty good beating. That would normally excite me but the Bears are like the equivalent of a high school team.
There is a free box in town where people drop off stuff they no longer want. It is pretty amazing. I found an awesome skirt with school buses all over it. I might wear it tonight if I am feeling saucy. I met some boys from Maryland who happen to know people I went to high school with...that was weird. And I have a great group of....wait for it...wait for it... girl friends here! Yeah, that's right, I said it, girls as friends. haha. We have been having lots of fun hanging out and exploring the town. A bunch of our new fabulous friends are starting orientation tomorrow as ski lift operators, I think life may be a bit boring without all of them around during the day!
Tomorrow night Jen (my fabulous friend from Denver) and I threw together a Super Sweet 23rd Costume Party for our friend Kate from Michigan. I am very excited. It will be great. Tonight we are going to bake her a delicious cake.
Last night I made a big dinner for a bunch of people in our land lords apartment. He has a great place and a real stove. I was so excited that he let me use his kitchen!
We are building a fort in my room tonight. I am also very excited about that.
Hasta Luego for now.

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Kari said...

I don't think at this point you can pull the "oh my god i am friends with girls" thing anymore.