Monday, November 10, 2008

Camping in 20 degree weather?

The week went by rather quickly. We spent time running errands for Papa George in Pueblo. I have been limping a lot and hope that my knee gets better soon. We are heading out to Telluride tomorrow and I am really excited. It looks like snow is on the way today. The sky reminds me of the heaviest snow days at home when I was a little girl.
George and Jane had some friends from San Antonio here this weekend. Steve came down from Boulder after an interview in Dallas. We went out in downtown Colorado Springs on Friday night. Saturday we packed up and headed to Mueller State Park on the other side of Pike's Peak. It was a great time! We went hiking and then made Thai food and sat around an awesome camp fire. It was freezing once the sun went down, and sleeping was pretty rough! We had an awesome breakfast on Sunday. I ate like a pig and we had a lazy day at home. All in all a huge success in my book.
My baby brother is 21 today! Woohoo. I am bummed that I can't be there to buy him his first legal beer. Happy Birthday Timbo!!!

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