Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Woodlands

The Woodlands are north of Houston and remind me a lot of Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. Everything is hidden by trees, understated and humid. haha. Amanda's dad and step-mom are hilarious. We went out to a great seafood place last night and are going to a block party tonight. I just pulled myself off the couch to check my email - we have been eating queso and watching college football all day. If you are not aware, I am in heaven!
We leave tomorrow for Colorado Springs. I am really excited to get out there. When we go out to Telluride to sign our lease we will be looking for bartending jobs. Telluride is in the South Western part of Colorado and is not close to most of the well known resorts. I am happy to be somewhere different.
So, let's see, what else is new with me? I sent my application back into the Peace Corps. Not sure if I will be able to go because of bills I will have to worry about over the two years. It is really frustrating but I refuse to whine about it. Everything happens for a reason, I will continue to roll with the punches all the while laughing. I am applying for a leadership position with Americorps as well. It is nothing like Peace Corps but it sounds like something else right up my alley. Volunteering, meeting and working with new people and traveling! I have also been going a tad bit crazy with my grad school search. I have a pretty decent list of schools that I can pay for while attending. There are also a lot of options if I can become a full-time employee for a University I am applying to... who knows where I will end up!
Amanda and I have been really fun this week. I think part of it is knowing that we have a new adventure to look forward to and part of it is just being ourselves again. We have had some pretty random situations, a lot of it is because we are both really out spoken. It makes life pretty interesting to say the least. It is nice to have someone who loves meeting people and doing random things as much as I do.
Oh! My hair, is turning orange. I guess trying to be a brunette when you are blonde isn't a great idea after all. I tried. Now I am stuck with hair that keeps getting lighter and looks awful. hahaha. Don't gloat Aunt Daphne, it isn't THAT funny. Kari did a good job and it looked good before I went outside!
Hasta Luego!!!

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