Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Colorado Springs is gorgeous. It reminds me a lot of Park City, Utah. Lots of SUVs, beautiful mountains and stepford wives. Amanda and I have been trying to get things in line for our move to Telluride. Her grandparents are adorable and their house is pretty great. I have been sneaking into the country club gym at night, poor people need to work out too! hahaha. It is great, my heart rate is already high when I get to the gym - no warm up necessary.
Nothing too exciting, really. We work out, watch CNN too much and I have semi- started to study for the GMAT's. I have also been doing about 3 crossword puzzles a day... do you see how badly I need work again?? We are going to do a week of yoga next week. There is a yoga studio that has an offer for a trial day for $12 or an unlimited trial week for $15, obviously we are going for the week.
Amanda's grandparents have a 4 year old dog, named Goldie. She is a Golden Doodle. Yes, that is what I said, a GOLDEN DOODLE! Haha. Hilarious. She is a great dog and very pretty. She apparently likes me because I allow her to lick my face sometimes. I am excited to move out to Telluride in the beginning of November. I will try to post some pictures eventually.
OH! It snowed this morning. I woke up to a glorious sight. It has been quite a long time since I have seen fresh, white snow on the ground. It is beautiful and not too cold yet. Flip flops and a hoodie. Woohoo.

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Does this mean you are a dog-breath? Good talking 2 U. Let me know your address and I'll send you a box of Tasty-Kakes when they're on sale. Remember, vote early and often!