Friday, June 25, 2010

America The Beautiful…I Left You Once Again.

I had a whirlwind visit at home. Time moves so much faster in America. In all honestly, it was completely overwhelming. Wonderful to see people – horrifying to realize how disconnected I’ve been this last year. The music, electronics, cars, labels, and advertisements… you get the picture. Things just don’t move like that down here when I am in my hammock or teaching English. When all is said and done, Tim’s graduation was great, Amanda flew out from Colorado to visit (So Awesome!) and Cait and Alan’s wedding was gorgeous. It was so perfect to begin and end my trip with two meaningful events. And I am very grateful that things seem to be going well for everyone up North!

Coming back I dealt with more shock, of course, just as I get my feet on the ground again. Jeeze. Can’t a girl catch a break here guys?! I fell right back into Peace Corps work with the new training group and one year medical exams. Don’t worry I passed inspection. Surprise! All the engines are running full steam ahead. I finally got back to my community and was so excited to see my puppy and my people! It was strange to feel an immediate parallel with my life at home. Nothing has changed here at all in a month and after a week at home I felt the same way, not much had changed. Sure, the superficial things change but people are still who they are, for the most part. OK, Twitch and Tiger (our senior year kittens) are MASSIVE, domestic BEASTS living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I jokingly gave Kari and Fran a hard time about how fat the cats are, but seriously, they are the biggest cats I think I have ever seen. (Taken into account that they live in a very tiny apartment might add to the illusion…the verdict is still out on that one.)   Anyway, like I was saying, the fundamental things, the core our lives revolve around does not alter all that much and that brings me peace. There are so many times I feel so disconnected in terms of family, friends and life in general in the States. It was reassuring to know that everyone has a version of Ground Hog’s Day in the USA as well.

This week we had a few parties in the school, a fundraiser and then a Father’s Day celebration. There was a Reinita (Little Queen) contest between the elementary schools on my peninsula and some native Panamanian dances. I have attached photos for your viewing pleasure. I also attached a photo of yet another snake I have had to kill in my house. Rainy season is in full affect and I have yet to chop down the tall grass around my house so the suckers feel free to roam. This little guy was ballsy enough to enter my house the other morning. He was met not with coffee and eggs; he was met with my MACHETE. Yeah, I capitalized it to emphasize just how AWESOME it is, so don’t scoff at me people. One can lose their life out here in the jungle if they’re not careful…or don’t carry their MACHETE!!!!

All right enough of the crazy talk. Nothing else too bit or exciting going on down here…I am just teaching a ton of English right now and training teachers. We shall see how year two ends up.

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