Saturday, May 1, 2010

Children, Pets and More Wildlife.

So, the top picture is an update on some of my best buddies in my village. I love them. Underneath is a different picture of my community...the road leaving town! And my baby boy, Lincoln. He is growing so fast. Another update, I adopted a kitten, the black one, and named her Shadow. Her official name is John Wilkes Booth. The stripped kitten is one of her brothers, adopted by Myles...his name is Scout. He is currently raising Shadow for me since I will be out of the COUNTRY in less than 10 days. WOOHOO. I am glad she will be in good hands.

Things are going well. Working a ton in my community and with Peace Corps in general. The new group of volunteers arrived and we have begun training. I like all of them and hope they all enjoy it here as much as I have come to enjoy it.

And, as has been previously noted I am overjoyed to be coming home soon!


Kari said...

Um, am I the only one freaked out by that massive snake?

Aqsa said...

no, you are not. i am too. ew, gretch!!! you da man

Holly said...

Aww, that snake is a harmless Boa. Good to have around for rodent control.

Tim said...

Nice job killing the Boa...that's my're the Sylvester Stalone of Panama....I'm glad you've learned to use the machete so well...Can't wait to see ya.

Love Dad