Sunday, March 14, 2010

March: Puppy Love, Friends Visit, Lettie and Bill Take Panama By Storm.

The photo directly above is my Poppop in our hotel pretending to be a blind beggar. Awesome. 

      March started off with a bang. I got my physical and mental health back on track, first and foremost. I finally got to bring my puppy down to my house. Talk about amazing. I am not all alone anymore, although it is scary how much I feel like my mother now - I talk to that dog more than I talk to my family or friends. His name is Lincoln. He is 3 months old and he is my mountain mutt. The extreme heat and humidity has already made me more lackadaisical than I was in the US of A, that being said training Lincoln is not going very well at the moment. I let him run wild and pretty much learn the lay of the land. He is me incarnate. It is frightening. He barks to much, I talk to much. He runs a mile a minute and then sleeps like he is in a coma. He is obnoxious and incredibly curious. And he eats more than I can afford to provide for him! Needless to say, we are a match made in Heaven or Hell, you decide. 
      A couple friends from Telluride made their way to my community a week ago. Alyse and Laura! It was so great to see some familiar faces. I showed them around my village and my friend Maria cooked an amazing fish and plantain dinner. We parted ways once my Mommom and Poppop flew into my part of the country on Friday. We actually met up again because they stayed a couple nights in Boquete where I am with my grandparents! It is great to see Lettie Lou and Wild Bill. They are hilarious and I think I have cried laughing too many times to count already! (They have been with me for two days now). Other than getting huge welts on my legs from bug bites yesterday everything has been great. Mommom has been helping me with a huge project I have undertaken with the schools in my area of Panama. Poppop has been a constant source of dry humor and entertainment. I had to translate everything on a coffee tour yesterday. The guide was shocked they did not speak Spanish. Go figure. Poppop said he would send in his resume, he wants to pick the coffee beans. He also spoke his gibberish "Spanish" and has been telling Mommom her Spanish will NEVER be as good as his. After all, he is a master of all. 
      We head to the beach tomorrow! I hope these bites go down. I look like I have tumors in my legs - NOT COOL. I do have hot water, great food, great company, air conditioning and a blow dryer, all in all, things are looking up. I feel half way to being clean again. It is alright, I am coming home earlier than planned in May to be able clean my act up. 
      I have quite a bit of work to do these days in my community and with Peace Corps in general. It is nice to feel a bit more busy because I was getting sick of having so much time to contemplate my life and future. GROSS. haha. More to come this week from my adventures with the Ritners.


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