Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lettie and the Free Garden...

So, Mommom decided she wants to go to a garden we passed the previous day during our coffee tour. I say, "Sounds awesome - after I take a NAP." Poppop says, "Lettie don't even bother asking me, I don't want to watch you take more pictures of trees and rocks you will never remember." I laugh. A LOT. Mommom tries to convince us that she does not ONLY take pictures of rocks and trees. 
I succeed in my nap-taking abilities, and as I am in and out of sleep I hear Lettie and Bill bickering about which direction the garden is...I briefly wake up to realize she has grown impatient, deciding to take the journey to the free garden without me. Great, I get back under the comforter and SLEEP. HARD. Five Minutes Go By... and mommom is back in room only to make sure Poppop knows he was wrong. Sure, she could have backtracked and continued in her pursuit to find the free garden. That was not possible, not on this day, not ever - she had to let him know there was NOTHING down the road to the LEFT, Bill. At this point I can no longer slumber peacefully. I know it is my duty to get my lazy behind out of bed, it is my duty to take Mommom to the land of flowers. It is my duty because I remembered the way very well.
In the end we found the garden, we took pictures and enjoyed an early evening breeze. Lettie made me pose, as is to be expected. Surprisingly enough, she posed for me as well! Way to go Lettie Lou! There were many highlights from their wonderful visit but I will only share a few with my audience (the rest are my memories for now!): Poppop singing everything Mommom said to him instead of replying. Poppop pretending to be a blind beggar. Poppop telling the tour guide that he is going to send in his resume because he is agile and excited to make a dollar for every five gallon bucket of coffee beans he fills. Mommom trying to shoot the moon every single time we played Hearts and Poppop stopping her nine times out of ten! (Let the record show that she is almost as bad of a loser and my mother and myself for that matter.)
The week flew by and I am sad they are already gone. We had a marvelous time and I got to take hot showers! Woohoo. 

...Until next time...

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Tim said...

GiGi: Glad to see that Lettie and Bill haven't changed, even in 100 degree heat and humidity. By the way, Lincoln looks great.

Love you always