Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Long Time No Talk.

My apologies for the delayed entry. Let me see...where do I begin?
First of all, I absolutely love it here -- and LOVE my jobs. I am working at an awesome daycare center, Mountain Munchkins...not sure if I wrote about it yet or not. 16 one and two year olds and 8 infants. They are adorable! The shifts are nine and a half hours long, pretty draining but totally worth it. My boss is really big on early childhood education and pushes the staff to take classes and go to seminars in town. It is really a great program.
I am working in town at The Cantina, an awesome restaurant that just opened. I love the people I work with and the food is out of this world. My boss has become one of my best friends out here which is pretty fun.
I am also ski instructing which has been awesome. I am only doing it when it is really busy on the mountain. It has been pretty chill.
I found out that the pain in my knee is a because I tore my LCL. That was great news...NOT. I have been banded from the mountain for most of the season by the doctor. I wore a stupid brace that made me develop a pimp walk -- not as cool as it sounds, trust me. I wore the brace and my knee does feel better. I am still going to teach in Februrary and eventually will ski this season. Things are looking up! haha. At least it has been crazy warm here and we haven't had a dumping of snow since Christmas. It makes it easier for me to be out of commission.
I am starting to get ready for Peace Corps Panama a bit more. And I am going to start studying for the GMATs so I can take them in April for grad school....gross. My newest idea for grad school is to find a school near a ski resort so I can still do the ski bum thing and get my degree. Super Duper.
Hmm, OH! Timbo came out to visit for New Years. It was quite a visit. We had a crazy night with some crazy rich Texans that adopted Tim and I as their children. We skied, ate way too much and played lots of Cranium with my friends. It was a lot of fun and I am so glad he got to see the postcard I live in every day. I miss that kid a ton. The week flew by and I wish he could have stayed forever.
I miss everyone from home and really missed NYC on New Years. I am excited to visit in April.
Word up.

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