Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gwethen the guwl

Josh in Amanda's ridiculous sneakers.
Frozen hair after the best day I've ever had on a mountain.

Amanda and Lindsey.

Amanda and I had the best day on Monday. By some miracle we both had the whole day off work -- it dumped snow the night before. Neither of us were aware of this when we decided to go skiing. Knee deep, first tracks. It was glorious. We ran into lots of friends on the mountain and had plenty of dance party action on the chair lifts and the hill. haha. It was SO MUCH FUN.
My knee didn't hurt at all and still feels great. Work has been fun. One of the one and a half year olds at the daycare, Finn was adorable yesterday. I was changing his diaper (SUPER DUPER) and he goes, "Gwethen, my dad is a boy and you are a guwl. And I am growing to a big boy can't you see my mustache?" HOW CUTE IS THAT??? I couldn't stop laughing. The kids I get to work with are hilarious. Talk about personality and smarts. They always want to cuddle, sing and dance. I mean, who doesn't?
Tonight there is a Prom the lift operators put together at a local bar. It should be hilarious. Of course I have to work tonight so I will be there late. I am okay with that as long as I can get some pictures of mountain people attempting to dress up! haha. HILARIOUS.

That is all I have for now == this cafe is freezing and I don't want to type anymore. I head back to NJ on April 7th, thanks very much to Christine Ellen Ritner. :)

Mad love to my homies.

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