Monday, August 9, 2010

Only Ten Months Left?

I introduce you all to Panamanian Folklore dancing, and Bert aka Pedro aka John Wilkes Booth. The newest and most adorable member of my beach family. We have had a great time getting to know each other and he loved playing in Andy's hat the week he was visiting! This cute little kitten sleeps on my neck at night and I have become a little too attached. 
Andy leaves on Wednesday and I am back to being on my own again. We had a great time together, played cards, went to the beach and played baseball on the beach with my community. 
Nothing too new and exciting going on down here for me at the moment. Still teaching English, trying to put together an English teacher's training seminar in January and started a girls leadership group in my middle school. I have high hopes for the group and my goal is be able to bring the girls to the Panama Canal in the next year. Most of them have never even been to the City nearest our community, let alone to Panama City. It would be a great way to open their eyes to opportunities right on their own soil! 
With that I will be signing off, not very much to share. Things are going well! 

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