Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas in Costa Rica

Not too much has been going on as of late. Mainly getting ready for the holiday season that, in a blink of an eye, was upon us! Myles and I came to Costa Rica on Christmas Eve and have spent lots of time just relaxing. The weather has been gorgeous, sadly we leave today. Nothing too extraordinary -- we ate great food, swam on a beautiful beach and played lots of cards.
Yesterday he did give me my first surfing lesson ever. I had a blast and actually surprised myself by getting up many more times than I expected. I also paddled and caught some of my own waves. It was a lot of fun and I am definitely going to try to learn more and get some practice during my time down here. Seeing as I am constantly dreaming of snow and skiing, it is nice to have a different sport to learn that I CAN do while I am down here. WOOT WOOT.
We head out today and I go back to my community tomorrow for all the graduation ceremonies. THEN...We head to Panama City to celebrate New Years Eve with a bunch of people in our Peace Corps group and MAMA AND TIMBO get in a few days after. I am beyond words...only a few days until I get to hug family and talk to them in person. It has been nearly 9 months since I have seen anyone from my familia and I definitely felt that on Christmas. I miss everyone but did manage to have a relaxing, enjoyable Christmas. Enjoy these pictures Aunt Daph and Uncle Doug -- Myles took them upon your request! haha. I look a HOT mess. But hey, at least I did it, right?!


Tim said...

Yo Girl: You're a surfer chick now....Narley Dude

Ben Bloxham said...

Great pictures! Glad you're getting some much-needed family time. I'm watching snow fall out of my window- jealous??? Xaris and I are just unpacking our boxes/lives into our new apartment at 48th & 6th!