Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 12- 16th You got the Swine Flu Fo Real?!

First of all, I had my site placement interview this past week. It was vague to say the least…all I know is that I get my site placement this Wednesday. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, maybe throw out a prayer or two that I get a great site. The weeks are flying by and I am feeling a bit apathetic as of now. Things are going as well as can be expected. I still love my group and don’t feel incredibly overwhelmed. HOWEVER, I also don’t feel incredibly prepared yet…I am waiting for my Spanish to click and my fear of all insects, as of late, to subside. I must admit, I am getting better – I shower with cockroaches now and have dance parties with ants and geckos in my room before bed every night.
I am at the 4 week hump and today was my first day completely free. Let me tell you, it was one of the most difficult days to date! I didn’t know what to do with a whole day. I have been conditioned to follow a ridiculously regimented schedule that my brain shutdown today. I spent time with some training friends and talked a lot with my host mom.
Yesterday we had another big group meeting day so we got to see the other sectors. It was nice to see some different faces. Sad fact of the week: I was one of a very SMALL group of people that did not receive any type of letter or package from family/friends from the states. I am over it now, don’t worry guys.
Oh, duh. The weather is changing over to rainy season now and my allergies went BUCK WILD. I called medical because I need allergy meds and she made me go to the clinic in a nearby town. So I get to this clinic and I don’t even finish telling the doctor my symptoms before he calls a nurse in to bring me a MASK, yeah that’s right folks…I was forced to wear a mask all day. He assumed off the bat that I had la influenza. Super Duper. To make a long, absolutely absurd story short, I had to go to Panama City to get further testing done. I was wearing a ridiculous mask over my nose and mouth, broadcasting the fact that I had H1N1, all to be told that I have seasonal allergies and a minor nasal infection. Gee, thanks guys, I had no idea. I was gone from 9am – 9pm and no one told my poor host mom where I was. All in all I got the medicine I needed and the culture shock I guess I deserved? Haha.
So, if you need a good laugh sometime image me in a foreign country, in a clinic where a doctor is rattling off Spanish faster than anything I have ever heard. I am asked why I am there and one sentence deep I have a mask thrown at me, and everyone in the clinic is told I have swine flu. Needless to say, I was pretty frightened.
It is all gravy now, so don’t you worry your pretty little heads!
I miss you all a heck of a lot and hope this update finds you well.

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